About the artist

"In Such A World That We Live In,  Faith Works For Me "

I enjoy creating art that inspires and increases self-awareness.  I intentionally create work that gives rise to emotions with a hope to encourage critical thinking and better communication.   Literal, metaphoric and figurative expressions are used to convey my messages.  My inspiration comes from everyday life as well as significant historical and current events.  The idea is not to impose but to propose a different perspective; using depictions of truth. 

I use my artwork as a tool to convey messages that may not otherwise be heard.  The message is a message of  necessary change;  for the good of all people.

My works include graphic designs, portraiture, graphite, watercolor, abstract and acrylic paintings, mixed-media, crafting, up cycling, card making, clay modeling, paper mache, props for stage plays, photo booths and parties. 


The style of my work would be best described as multifaceted as I create art in various styles and mediums, using a wide range of imagery, realistic and abstract with themes predominantly from the black culture.